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Order delicious meals from our Partner-Restaurants: Burgerack, Marlin Express, Food Fayre , Rhodes Park Garden , #Social, Sabai Asian Bistro , Rand Master Burgers, The Cake Bar, The Greek Club, Dulce By Jessie, Naija Chops, Rhapsody's, The Manor, Tasty Bites Nigerian Restaurant , Mahak Restaurant, Ocean Basket, The Yummy Chef, The Coffee Gallery, The Health Hub , Melsim Lodge Restaurant , Piatto Restaurant, Pizza Hut , Item installer , Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant, Ms Beez, Burger Queen, The Office. Bar & Restaurant, Tapas Caliente , Asian Dragon, Location Cafe , The Olive Tree, Fusion of Flavours, Zambean coffee shop, Eataly Pizzeria, Urban Yard, Sichuan Chinese Restaurant, Keg & Lion, Silas, 3 Trees, Casa Portico, Queens Calabash, Rosso Trattoria Pizzeria, Fox & Hound, The Royal Dil, Hot Wok, FrescoBar, Premuni, Madras, Cedars Lebanese Cuisine, Food Fayre, Mochachos, Copper Creek Spur, John Dory's, The Kebab Station, The Dil, Mint Cafe, UEC/The Egyptian, TUT, The Orange Tree, Hidden Nana, African Barbeque Grill, Istanbul Cafe and Restaurant, D's Dining Cafe, Le Dolphins Grand Paradiso, Bombay Lounge, O'Hagan's, Pamper Bay, Retreat, Rafco, Taste By Rootz, Roan and Sable, Four Seasons Bistro, Marlin, Twaala, Kumushi, Dazzle Grill, The Horse Shoe, Goat 'n Chips, Mugg & Bean, Mint Lounge, Mezza, The Deli, Meraki cakebar & Cafe, Chang Thai and many more...

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Roan and Sableaccount_circle Harriet
3 Treesaccount_circle Muyunda
3 Treesaccount_circle Yasser
Food Fayreaccount_circle Guest
Tasty Bites Nigerian Restaurant account_circle Melissa
Urban Yardaccount_circle Guest
The Cake Baraccount_circle Guest
John Dory'saccount_circle Towera
Food Fayreaccount_circle Guest
Mugg & Beanaccount_circle Susan
Mint Loungeaccount_circle Guest
3 Treesaccount_circle Mexina
Roan and Sableaccount_circle Lillian
Copper Creek Spuraccount_circle Loreen
Mochachosaccount_circle Helen Faraza
Meraki cakebar & Cafeaccount_circle Lillian
Food Fayreaccount_circle Guest
Food Fayre account_circle Guest
Mint Loungeaccount_circle Tawana
Marlin Expressaccount_circle Tamara
Mint Loungeaccount_circle Guest
Food Fayreaccount_circle Guest
Marlin Expressaccount_circle Rudy
Ocean Basketaccount_circle Maryann
The Royal Dilaccount_circle Guest
Marlin Expressaccount_circle Guest
Cooking Gasaccount_circle Anitha
Eataly Pizzeriaaccount_circle William
Piatto Restaurantaccount_circle Mercury
3 Treesaccount_circle Kathryn
The Cake Baraccount_circle Tanvir
The Health Hub account_circle Mexina
3 Treesaccount_circle Shanae
Mint Loungeaccount_circle Danielle
Keg & Lionaccount_circle Guest
The Deliaccount_circle Sharon
Mint Loungeaccount_circle Claire
3 Treesaccount_circle Kenny
Hot Wokaccount_circle Osiya
Keg & Lionaccount_circle Jabulani
Keg & Lionaccount_circle Guest
Mint Loungeaccount_circle Efthimios
Istanbul Cafe and Restaurantaccount_circle Ivan
Eataly Pizzeriaaccount_circle Ismail
Mezzaaccount_circle Christian
Food Fayreaccount_circle Ismail
Bombay Loungeaccount_circle Radhika
Copper Creek Spuraccount_circle Natalie
Mint Loungeaccount_circle Cameron
Eataly Pizzeriaaccount_circle Guest
Marlinaccount_circle Guest
Mint Loungeaccount_circle Wayne
Meraki cakebar & Cafeaccount_circle Ethel
Food Fayreaccount_circle Jiten
Eataly Pizzeriaaccount_circle Matthew
John Dory'saccount_circle William
TUTaccount_circle Zhaozhen
John Dory'saccount_circle Louann
Meraki cakebar & Cafeaccount_circle Twaambo
Food Fayreaccount_circle Guest
Mint Loungeaccount_circle Mohamad
Tasty Bites Nigerian Restaurant account_circle Nona
Cooking Gasaccount_circle Walter
Kumushiaccount_circle Chimfwembe
Food Fayreaccount_circle Jesse
Kumushiaccount_circle Chimfwembe
3 Treesaccount_circle Sharon
Marlin Expressaccount_circle Guest
Marlin Expressaccount_circle Lillian
Mochachosaccount_circle Sheila Musonda
The Cake Baraccount_circle Cassiano
FrescoBaraccount_circle Jelena
Mezzaaccount_circle Guest
Mugg & Beanaccount_circle Bethel
John Dory'saccount_circle Guest
3 Treesaccount_circle Chisanga
Eataly Pizzeriaaccount_circle William
The Royal Dilaccount_circle Wamweni
Goat 'n Chipsaccount_circle Kawanga
The Royal Dilaccount_circle Guest
Burger Queenaccount_circle Idah
Bombay Loungeaccount_circle Guest
Food Fayreaccount_circle Monica
Marlinaccount_circle Cassiano
Mint Loungeaccount_circle Julien
Food Fayreaccount_circle Joel
Food Fayreaccount_circle Guest
Marlin Expressaccount_circle Wilma
Mint Loungeaccount_circle Chaonza
Chang Thaiaccount_circle Thomas
Goat 'n Chipsaccount_circle Mexina
Cedars Lebanese Cuisineaccount_circle Mercury
Kumushiaccount_circle Guest
Eataly Pizzeriaaccount_circle Shyam
Chang Thaiaccount_circle Pedro
3 Treesaccount_circle Soren
Mint Loungeaccount_circle Guest
Roan and Sableaccount_circle Chilombo
The Royal Dilaccount_circle Guest
Drinksaccount_circle Guest
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Crave something tasty? Get the food you want, from the restaurants you love, delivered to you fast and reliably. Browse local restaurants and fast food favorites for inspiration. Or get just what you're looking for by using our search function. Forget hunting around for paper menus and phone numbers and let us take care of the rest.


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Besides making the order process as easy as possible, we're most proud of the high standard in our Customer Care Service. We respond to your questions in under one minute using our Chat System. We're committed to meeting or exceeding your expectations every time you order with us. And should something go wrong we go to great lengths to make up for it.


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Do more business. Get your meals in the hands of hundreds of new customers with AfriDelivery, the premier food delivery service in Zambia. We partner with the most popular local restaurants and deliver faster than anyone else. When your food is featured on the app, new customers can discover it and loyal customers can enjoy it more often.


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  • Really good service, quick and hassle-free. Highly recommended.

    • Sarah Millar
    • In-App Review
  • Excellent service. My order was timely, the app kept me fully updated and food was delivered nice and warm. I'm thoroughly impressed.

    • Abigail Mwapule
    • In-App Review
  • Have now tried this twice and both times have been very good. Both riders were courteous and polite. Excellent range of restaurants to choose from. Will continue using AfriDelivery for both office and home takeaways and I recommend this service to anybody fancying a takeaway and not wanting to spend ages in the traffic.

    • Mary Ann Franks
    • ZambiaYP
  • Finally Zambia gets a clean world class e-commerce app. And such a lovely smooth interface and service. The team has done their background work really well!

    • Vinod Kumar
    • Google Play
  • Very easy to use and efficient. I recommend it to everyone I know :) AfriDelivery is the definition of great technology.

    • Jagoda Vukovic
    • Google Play
  • Perfect service. The customer care is amazing too.

    • Virginia Mbugua
    • Google Play
  • Very quick, polite and friendly. Delivery quickly executed to exact specifications.

    • Mesele Seyuba
    • In-App Review
  • Great service! I'm happy we have a reliable food delivery service in Zambia! I will surely continue ordering using Afri delivery! Well done to the people behind this awesome initiative!

    • Precious Phiri
    • In-App Review
  • Promised to deliver in 60 minutes, got my meal in 45! Beat my expectations! Definitely sticking with AfriDelivery.

    • Sydney Phiri
    • In-App Review
  • Great service. Order arrived as made. They communicated throughout to keep me updated and the price is reasonable. Will order again. The app is 😘

    • Matongo Maumbi
    • In-App Review
  • Just placed my first order within no time, the food was delivered. You guys rock. I will definitely use this daily.

    • Sipho Phiri
    • In-App Review
  • Great service... Delivery came hot... Rider was very pleasant.

    • Dharmesh Patel
    • In-App Review
  • I have to commend AfriDelivery. The App has improved, the step by step updates are a great addition.

    • Tanaka Chibvuri
    • In-App Review
  • I have to commend AfriDelivery. The App has improved, the step by step updates are a great addition.

    • Tanaka Chibvuri
    • Twitter
  • I'm very impressed with your courier services, well done!! I'm still able to run a business whilst at my 9-5...Thank You!

    • Wiika Nachangwa
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